The good, bad and ugly side of hair extensions

By | August 3, 2022

The good, bad and ugly side of hair extensions

On the subject of grooming and sweetness, we go to good lengths to look our stunning biggestcorrectCorrectlywhereas embracing our pure magnificencenotably our hair, we moreover eagerly sit up for hair traits that include experimentation. One among them is hair extensions! Nevertheless are hair extensions safe?

Quite a lot of us need to have prolongedstrong, and thick hair. Nevertheless on account of what our hair experiences every day, it makes the journey more durablePositivepure remedies can actually restore our hair’s effectively beingNevertheless no one has the time to try such cures. That is the rationale hair extensions are ceaselessly needed.

What is the hair extension approach?

Hair extensions have flip into the newest addition to the realm of hair care and hairstyles. You can have a plethora of selections for hair extensions, along with clip-on and keratin. Nonethelesswithin the occasion you’ve ever searched the internet for particulars about the world of hair extensions, you’ve most likely come all through a wave of unfavourable remarks that declare doing so will go away your hair damagedbroken, and extraordinarily skinnyNevertheless attempt to be acutely aware that it has good, harmful, and ugly sides as properly.

Is hair extension safe
Hair extension can quickly add amount and measurementImage Courtesy: Shutterstock

Nicely being Images obtained involved with Dr Madhuri Pawar – Working in direction of Cosmetologist and Trichologist, I2CAN (Indian Institute of Cosmetology, Aesthetic and Vitamin), to look out out the whole thing regarding the hair extension approach that loads of you might be in quest of.

Proper right here’s the whole thing that’s oh-so-good about hair extensions

Initially, not all hair extensions are equal and helpful. They differ in typeprime quality, and, most importantly, the skill of the stylist. If utilized incorrectly, even probably the greatest and most safe extensions can hurt your hair and scalp. Dr Pawar says, “Not everybody appears to be born with fully prolonged and thick hair. With hair extensions, they may get the hair of their targets. It doesn’t merely help in transforming a person’s seems to be likeit might moreover enhance their confidence and offers them a further charming character. And all this with out surgical processache, and downtime.”

Moreoverstudy4 women share the horrors of getting an eyelash extension

In addition tothey’re easy to deal with and chances are you’ll have an infinite number of hairstyles. They’re prolonged lasting too.

Nevertheless listed beneath are a variety of harmful points about hair extensions to ponder too!

For many who don’t preserve your hair extensions appropriatelyyou will positively experience damaged hair.

Really, Dr Pawar says, “Although hair extension seems like a dream replythere is a detrimental facet to it as properlyAn excellent prime quality hair extension might be costly and is not going to be inside the worth vary of loads of the middle class people. Periodic maintenance of hair extensions is crucial and may be pretty costly. All in all, that’s one factor which solely chosen people can afford.”

Is hair extension safe
Take the suitable care to avoid hurtImage Courtesy: Shutterstock

Positive, there’s moreover an disagreeable facet to hair extensions

“Hair extension is tough. If not completed appropriatelyit might hurt present hair and could look very ugly and awkward. Typically, the fault is with the buyers, who fail to preserve their new hair after the extension is completedThe model new clip-in technique moreover has its private drawbacks. If buyers unintentionally use a swimming pool or sleep in them, it might come off and should put the shopper in a very embarrassing state of affairs,” says Dr Pawar.


Clip-in extensions must be washed and gently dried with a towel after every 6 to eight makes use ofFor many who use tape extensions, you’ll need to switch to a a lot much less abrasive, sulfate-free shampoo with a objective to cease the glue from being harmed. The one further maintenance required for wefts and microlinks might be very cautious combing and styling to forestall bond hurt.

So, resolve correctly!

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