Should I wash my hair before bleaching it

By | July 26, 2022

Should I wash my hair before bleaching it?

Should I wash my hair before bleaching it? This is a common question that comes to mind before going to bleach your hair. As you know bleaching your hair means putting a lot of harsh chemical products on your hair, if you did it wrong, it can cause damage to your hair.  But why fear when we have everything in detail for you? Follow these simple steps and you successfully get those blond tones without worrying about wrecking your hair in the process.

How to Bleach Hair Without Causing Damage

The following thing is very important before going to bleach your hairs

  • Planning
  • Preparation


Before going for bleaching it is essential to decide which color you are aiming for. This step will determine the condition of your hair for the foreseeable future.  Why this step is so important?. Because we want you to understand that you can’t lighten your hair with multiple shades in a single sitting.

It is always essential to get professional advice especially if your hairs are already colored or chemically treated and now you are going to put more chemicals on them. So it is very important to ask a professional so that you don’t ruin your hair color.


Now, this is the most crucial part of Bleaching and you will also get the answer to the main question (Should I wash my hair before bleaching it? ). We recommend you don’t wash your hair before bleaching it, begin the process with dirty hair. Try not to wash your hair before or even two days before bleaching.

Why? Because washing your hair with shampoo can remove the natural oils. Essentially, these oils shield the hair shaft during the bleaching process, making it critical not to wash those away hours before you cover your hair with harsh chemicals.

If your hairs are already treated with chemicals then you should use a deep conditioner a week ago on your hairs before bleaching.

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