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How to Diffuse Your Hair, step by step guide.

How to Diffuse Your Hair

Some people with curly hair might feel like it is a curse and blessing at the same time. Sometimes their hair will be beautiful and full of curls, but some days their hair might feel rough or frizzy. But even though there is nothing wrong with having frizzy strands, there is a way to control your curl more for better definition and texture. What if you have curly hair and never used a diffuser before?here we are going to tell you How to Diffuse Your Hair.

Step 1: After you get out of the shower, use a microfiber towel to pat-dry your hair and then wrap it up in a towel. The towel will absorb any extra moisture.

Step 2: After 15 to 20 minutes, you should let down your hair. If it is really thick, apply the cream with a comb and use the comb to put the cream in your hair.

Step 3: Once you put your hair in your desired product, use scrunching or a diffuser attachment on the blow-dryer to set it. Set it to low speed and medium heat. Make sure not to touch your hair between wet and dry because this could cause frizz.

Step 4: Do your best to complete one section of the diffuser before moving on to the next. This will help you have a better time, since it will be easier for you to do.

Step 5: When you are drying your hair, make sure it is not too dry. 20% of the moisture should be left in your hair to create the healthiest looking curls.

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How to Use a Diffuser:

Once you have hair products evenly distributed, and are ready to blow dry your hair, Rubenstein (Celebrity Hairstylist) suggests not moving the diffuser all around your head. “Try and focus on one section at a time before moving on to the next,” she explains. “[Constantly moving the diffuser] can cause hair to frizz, and the curls will look less consistent.”

You must keep the heat level and drying speed as low as possible. Yes, it will take longer to dry your hair, but the results are worth it. This is because high heat or powerful air can negatively affect your hair cuticle and expose your hair to outside elements. You must be very patient when trying to dry natural hair.

Mistakes to Avoid:

Don’t get upset if your hair doesn’t turn out the way you want the first time. There are a few things you should know when using a diffuser. The biggest mistake when trying to enhance your natural texture is to put on the product when your hair is very wet. If you do this, it cannot absorb any of the product, so you should make sure that your hair is dry.

It is important to keep in mind the kind of hair you have. Depending on how it’s made, you might do things differently. For people with wavy/curly hair, you can do something different then for people who have coily hair. Rubenstein says that when diffusing curly hair, you should twist it before you turn on the hairdryer. This helps to keep the curls together and make them show better. Rubenstein also recommends doing this with wavy hair, but to comb it first and then scrunch it up before diffusing.

Hair Products to Use With Diffuser:

Curly hair needs to be moisturized and treated with products that have protein. Sometimes people might use the wrong products on their curly hair. A new product that I am loving is MONAT Curl Cream. It is $38 and it works well for all types of curls on the hair shaft.

Reslan (Trichologist and Hair Expert) also likes the Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Hair Serum by The INKEY List. It is supposed to help with moisture retention and reducing frizz. “It feels light on your hair, and only needs a few drops of it before you use your favorite curling cream or nothing at all.”


Is it bad to diffuse your hair?

Diffusing all comes down to technique. If you aren’t careful, diffusing your hair can result in a lot of undesired frizz if you disrupt your curls too much throughout the drying process. And just like air drying, different hair types experience different results when they diffuse their hair.

Should I diffuse my hair upside down?

If you’re someone who prefers to pump up the volume start the drying process with your head in an upright position, then flip your head forward. Drying upside down really helps max out your volume. Once you’re almost 100% dry, you can massage your hair at the root to create an even fuller look.

Can I diffuse my hair everyday?

Even if you use a diffuser, if the hairdryer is on high heat, it will most definitely cause heat damage. Diffusing daily can be very damaging. You should only do it a few times a week. Even if you do it daily, make sure the settings are warm or cool.

Does diffusing cause frizz?

Before moving your diffuser to the next section of your hair, make sure the current section is completely dry. Moving your diffuser around too much can cause frizz and who wants that, DO diffuse upwards. This creates MEGA volume and is easier to reach all areas of your head.

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