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How to Use Hair Rollers – 3 simple ways

How to Use Hair Rollers

Hair that is big and curly is popular right now. But it can be hard to get the hair just right. h we know How to Use Hair Rollers. Curling your hair with an iron can hurt your arm and the curls go flat after a while. You might think that curlers are for old people, but there are several ways to use them so they look modern! You can curl, wave, or volumize your hair with hot rollers, foam rollers, or wet-set rollers.

Using Wet-Set Rollers

Select your rollers.

You can use a lot of different rollers for wet-setting hair. You can also use mesh or velcro rollers, but it may get caught in your hair. Foam rollers are easier to use, but it might take a long time for your curls to dry. Magnetic clips work well too because they will hold tightly and produce defined curls, but they are the hardest to use. Try different types of rollers until you find which one works best for you and your hair.

You should never use the Velcro rollers or mesh rollers in wet hair. You are drying your hair first before using these types of rollers.

Wash and condition your hair.

You will be using tension to dry your hair. To help with this, you can use shampoo and conditioner that moisturizes before drying your hair. You can squeeze out all the water from your hair in the shower, but do not dry it with a towel. Comb through wet hair to make sure each strand is straight and does not get tangled with others.

Partition your hair into sections.

Part your hair on the left and right temples with three sections. Leave the back of your head for now.

Begin rolling at your hairline.

Comb a section of hair as wide as the roller. Then put some gel or cream on it and smooth it. Roll the whole section of hair around the roller towards your head. Keep rolling until you have all the hair on the roller, then clip or pin it at the back to keep it in placeContinue rolling.

To make curly hair, section it. Put something like gel or cream on it and roll the curls away from your face. If you want small tight curls, use small rollers. If you want large curly hair, use larger rollers.

Dry your curls.

If you want to avoid getting your hair too hot, let your curls air dry for a few hours or even overnight before removing the rollers. You can also blow dry with the rollers in. If you blow dry, leave the rollers on for about 15 minutes after you have dried your hair to cool and set the curls.

Using Hot Rollers

Select your rollers.

Small rollers make tight curls. Large rollers make wavy curls. Very large rollers volumize the hair and cause it to curl under. You need shoulder-length or longer hair to use larger rollers. Hot curlers are best for most people, but they are not good for very thin or fine hair which is prone to breakage. They can reduce frizziness in your hair.

The number of rollers you need will depend on how big the curls are that you want to make, as well as how big your head is. If you want to make small, tight curls with medium-sized rollers, then you may need 12 or more of them.

As a general rule, each roller should sit on the hair about the same size as the roller. The size of your hair doesn’t matter.

I use a felt roller on my hair. I roll it all over and then I can see my hair looks smoother and shinier.

You can make different curls with curlers. You can make a c shape, an s shape, or anything else you want. The number of times you wrap your hair around the curler is up to you depending on the length of your hair and the size of the curler.

Straighten your hair with a blow dryer first, if necessary.

If you want curly hair, when your hair is wet, blow dry it straight. This will help it to be curly when you roll it

Preheat your rollers.

Before you put rollers in your hair, make sure they are heated so that your hair gets hot. Follow the directions on the box and if you have a set with different heat settings, play around to see which one is best for your hair.

When you want tight, spiral curls, use small rollers and high temperatures. To get softer, looser curls, use large rollers and low temperatures.

Apply a heat-activated styling product to your hair.

Heat-activated sprays are sold at drug stores and beauty supply stores. They help protect hair from damage. They also help set the curl more. Apply them to dry hair evenly.

Partition your hair into small sections.

Create a “mohawk” that is two to three inches wide and runs from your forehead to the back of your neck. Then, take parts of the hair on both sides of your head and put them in clips.

The smaller the sections, the easier it will be for your hair to curl.

Begin rolling at your forehead.

Comb your hair. Find a section that is about as wide as the roller and no more than two inches thick. Hold this section up and away from your head. Place the roller at the ends of your hair and roll it down towards the scalp, rolling away from your face. Clip it in place with clips.

You need to put rollers in your hair. Start at the front of your head and roll up, then secure with clips.

Roll the sides next.

Comb your hair. Pull it up and away from your head. Place the roller diagonally across the ends of your hair. Roll it all up tightly to your scalp, and secure with clips. Repeat until all of your hair is rolled up in a bun.

To make your hair look big, roll the hair at the top of each side section diagonally. If you want to make your hair look really big, roll the hair up at a 90° angle from each side section.

Leave rollers in hair until cool.

You must wait for the rollers to completely cool before you take them out of your hair. If you don’t, they will not make your hair curl as well. Thick or curly hair might be hard to work with, but the result will be worth it in the end.

Remove the rollers.

Starting at the bottom of your hair, move up with the roller. Take clips out with your other hand.

Do not pull or tug the roller out of your hair. You could mess up the curl and hurt your hair. Let it drop out on its own.

Style your hair as desired.

To make your curly hair neat and tight, run your fingers through it gently. Then spray hairspray on it to keep the curls in place.

If you want more volume, bend over and let your head hang down. Shake your head a few times and run your fingers gently through the curls.

Using Foam Rollers

Select your rollers.

Foam rollers are good for many types of hair. They do not catch or damage it. The smaller the roller, the tighter the curl. You need at least shoulder-length hair to use larger rollers. It should be able to go around your hair 1 ½ times around the foam roller.

It can be hard to find the right roller for your hair. If you have fine hair, it may be too heavy. Try different sizes and see what works best for you. 

Distribute styling mousse throughout hair.

If you have straight, fine hair, you need to use a curl enhancing styling product. Otherwise your curls will fall over time. Use the amount recommended on the container and spread it evenly throughout your towel-dried hair.

Partition your hair into small sections.

First, you need to divide your hair into three parts. Put a small section of hair under each ear and a section in the back. Then use clips to hold these sections in place.

You can use many different types of hair clips for your hair, but it is easiest to use inexpensive sectioning clips. You can find them in beauty supply stores or online. They help keep the sections separate and easy to manage.

Roll your hair in small sections.

The width of the sections will be based on the size of your roller. They should not be wider than your roller and should not be thicker than two inches.

The smaller the sections, the easier it will be for your hair to curl.

Comb each section of your hair before you roll it. Use the comb to get rid of tangles and make sure you are not pulling too hard on your hair.

Begin rolling at the front of the “mohawk” section (near your forehead).

Roll the hair on your head away from your face and toward the back of your head. Hold on to the ends with one hand and roll with the other. After two rolls, tuck in any loose ends and finish rolling.

If you want volume, start curling hair about an inch from the ends. Roll it all the way down to your scalp. Secure with a clip.

If you want to make your hair straight near your head, start rolling the curler three inches away from your head, then roll all the way to the ends. Put a clip on it near the top of your head.

Continue rolling at the sides.

You need to divide your hair into two sections. Then comb the hair just above your ears. Roll each section under, rolling away from your face, towards the back of your head over to the part that you have in the middle of your neck. Put a clip at the bottom of each section.

Curling your hair can make it look different. For example, you might use larger curlers at the bottom and smaller curlers at the top.

Divide the back section into three or four sections, depending on the thickness of your hair.

Roll each part of your hair onto a foam roller. Then keep it in place with clips.

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Blow dry to set your curls.

Blow-drying your hair helps it to get dry. Blow the hair dry until it is warm enough. Leave the rollers in for about 15 minutes, then take them out gently.

When you take out the rollers, don’t brush your hair. It will make your curls go away. If you need to, use your fingers to separate the curls.

If you want bigger, bouncier hair, move your head over and let it hang down. Shake your head a little bit and then run your fingers through the curls.

1. Spray with hairspray.

If you have straight or fine hair, use hairspray to keep curls in shape.

If you want more volume, turn your hair upside down and spray.

You can also define individual curls with hair wax. Rub it between your fingers, and then use it to touch the curls you want to define.


How long do you leave hair rollers in?

Leave the rollers in for about 15 minutes, then gently remove them. Don’t brush your hair after removing the rollers! This will destroy the curls. If you need to, use your fingers to lightly separate your curls.

Do you put rollers in wet or dry hair?

If you’re looking to create a defined curl or texture, use stick rollers on wet or damp hair and leave it in till your hair dry,

How long does it take to air dry hair in rollers?

Using the right products will help your set air dry (no heat) within 3-4 hours. For the quickest results, use a blow dryer on the warm setting for 15-30 minutes. The less hair in each section, the quicker your hair will dry. Buy enough rollers that you don’t have to worry about running out.

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