Can black people get lice in their hair

By | October 20, 2021

can black people get lice in their hair

Maybe you wondered, “can black people get lice in their hair?” Maybe you thought that something couldn’t happen to you and then it did.

Many people in Black communities think that Black people can’t get lice. But when your child comes home with a note that there has been a case, you might start to wonder.

can black people get lice in their hair

can black people get lice in their hair, YES! Despite popular rumors, black people can get head lice just like anyone else.

Some people think that African Americans can’t get head lice because of their hair. This is not true. Even though the hair is coarse, they can still get head lice.

Lice live on people’s heads. They can grab onto any hair because they want to get to the scalp to have food. Lice are not just found in people with dirty hair, or even kids with long hair. All kids are vulnerable to lice.

In a study done in 1985, 10% of Caucasian children got lice while only 0.3% of African American children got lice. Why is there such a huge difference? If only 0.3% of African American children get head lice, then it is understandable why people think they can’t get lice.

Dr. Clayton says that African-American hair is different from other hair, and lice can’t get their hooks around it. Lice put eggs on the hair shaft. So when people with African-American hair don’t get head lice.

Many people think that cultural use of oils is why African Americans don’t get head lice. This isn’t true. It is the hair shaft that has a different shape and this protects them. At Lice Aunties, we have treated children and adults with parents who are both African American as well as those with one African American parent and one Non-African American parent. Although the incidence is low, there are some cases where African Americans do get head lice too.

Now you know that it is possible for African Americans to get lice. If your child has any letters from school or if you hear about another child in your class who has lice, make sure to check your child.


Head lice treatment for African American hair is more time-consuming. You need the patience to do the treatment. It’s the same as all other hair types with a few extra steps that are different depending on what is happening in your life. For example, if you have hair extensions or wigs, then you must remove them before doing the treatment. And after you take off those things and kill any other bugs, then you should be done and ready to start over again if needed.

Since no treatment, pesticide or natural, can kill the nits that are inside the eggs that are laid on your hair, you must remove the eggs. We recommend using a professional nit, comb-like Terminator. Straightening your hair also makes it easier to get the eggs out of your hair. Putting oil on your head also helps because it is easy to pull out the bugs when you do this.

Treatment of head lice on people with dreads is a bit more difficult than for other people. In most cases, the only way to make sure the treatment works is by cutting the person’s dreadlocks off. But if they don’t want to cut their hair, then they can try untangling them first, but this will take time and it is hard work. There are products made for this job that make it easier. Most of our clients decide to cut their hair off instead because it’s faster and easier for them to do that.

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What Are Head Lice, and How Do They Spread?

Lice is a type of insect that lives on our heads. Lice are about the size of a sesame seed and have color from yellowish to tan. They like to be on top of our head, where it is warm and moist. Lice feed on the blood under the scalp.

Lice can’t jump or fly, so they spread by head-to-head contact. This is why it is common among kids. They bump their heads together while playing and take selfies with their heads together. Lice also spread by sharing things like hats, helmets, hairbrushes, or other stuff that touches the head of someone who has lice.

What to Do If Your Child Has Head Lice

When you find out your child has lice, the first thing you will want to think about is what they caught them from. You will try to figure out where they got them, but sometimes it is hard because not all kids catch them at school. The second question you might have is what to do about it. Lice are hard to get rid of because many treatments do not work for them. This includes over-the-counter remedies that are easy and cheap or treatments prescribed by doctors. Home remedies have never worked well so parents can be left with no idea of how to treat their child’s lice problem.

What Are the Chances of Getting Head Lice?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says there are about 6-12 million lice infestations in the United States each year. This is a lot of people who have lice. That is so many people! So be aware that you could get it too.

Thankfully, head lice do not carry any diseases. They are not dangerous. But they can still be a nuisance because they might cause red, itchy patches on the scalp and your child might scratch their scalp a lot and this can cause bleeding or open sores.

I hope you have found an answer to your question “can black people get lice in their hair”. If you found such a case in your home, try to start the treatment as soon as possible.


What race is most likely to get lice?

Some studies show that girls may get head lice more often than boys. Girls may be more likely to touch their heads against other people’s heads. It is less common for African-Americans to have head lice than for people of other races in the U.S.

how to check for lice in black hair?

You can find lice in your child’s hair. They are like sesame seeds and will move when you touch them or if they are near a bright light. You can buy a comb for finding lice here. If your child has lice, you’ll see small things moving around or small things that look cemented to the hair.

can mixed people get lice?

The head lice found in the United States is less common among African Americans. It may be because the claws of the head louse are better adapted to grasping hair that is a certain shape and width.

how do you get lice?

Head lice can be spread by touching someone’s hair who has them. They are also spread when people touch things that these lice have touched, like clothes. But it is very rare for head lice to be spread this way. Head lice feet are specially adapted to hold onto human hair, which is how they get on people’s heads in the first place.

How do you get rid of lice overnight?

If there are lice in your hair, you can kill the lice by using common home products. These are Vaseline, olive oil, butter, or mayonnaise. You put them on your scalp and hair, cover them with a shower cap and leave them overnight.

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