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How to wear pink and blue eyeshadow?

How to wear pink and blue eyeshadow?

In terms of applying and displaying various eye makeup looks when out and about, the blue and pink eye look is one of the most flexible and versatile looks available. There are many different types of eye looks that ladies may experiment with successfully. You may enhance several beautiful looks with a wide variety of colors, tints, and hues available to women. In addition, most eyeshadows are available in two fundamental forms: as a gel or as a powdered powder finish. Please give us a chance to guide you thoroughly with the popular topic on how to wear pink and blue eyeshadow?

Eyeshadows in the colors blue and pink are just like burgers and fries! Not kidding, though. You’re losing out if you haven’t yet experimented with this color combination for a dramatic eye style. Blue and pink colors are so strikingly different while yet being so complementary. It’s fair to say that we’re entirely on board with it. If you’re interested in adding it to your arsenal of techniques. Discover how to apply these beautiful colors in this guide for an eye-catching look. It’s time to get creative with color!  

Tips for wearing bright Eye-shadows

  • A great way to make sure you have good coverage on your eye is to use a small eyeshadow brush. You can also just pinch the bristles of any flat shade brush between your fingers to get the same effect.
  • You want to press and pat (not sweep) it on until your entire lid is covered. Then smooth it out with small circular motions. If you’re having trouble getting your crease to look good with this method, simply press the color into your crease after it’s on your lid for a few seconds. This will help blend the edges of your shadow without disturbing any concealer that might be underneath!
  • When applying Eye-shadows, try to work from the outside of your face inwards. If you put them from inside out it can make your face look dirty. Using a darker color in your crease will add depth to your look. However, avoid using too dark or bright colors. As it will make you appear more tired and older than you really are.
  • You can also try applying different Eye-shadows to your lower lash line. That way the color will be visible even when you blink.
  • If you want to make your eyes stand out more, apply a silver/grey eyeshadow to the inner corner of your eyes. Apply it below the brow bone, use less color than usual so it doesn’t look too colorful or too dark. If you have blue/green eyes then put some light purple in the inner corners to make them stand out even more.

Creating a gradient look:

  • It is a lot easier with a single shade than it looks. Apply your eyeshadow in the shape of an upside-down triangle and then blend it outwards. You can apply highlight colors above the crease or in the inner corners, but avoid using them on your lower lash line as well.
  • It’s best if you apply a white eyeshadow to your lower lash line only if you’re doing a princess/fairy look and not at other times. You can even go for light blue instead of white as it will give the same effect but it won’t be as strong and vibrant as white does.
  • If you have a round face, try using a color on your lower lash line. This will give your face a slimmer look and you can also use a shade of the same color as a highlight under your eyebrows to make them stand out.
  • For natural looks, it’s best if you apply eyeshadow with your finger instead of an eyeshadow brush. That way you can control the amount of color that goes on your lids and it will be easier to blend.
  • For unique looks, use an eyeshadow base before applying any other colors. It’s a good trick for keeping your makeup in place all day long, especially if you’re going out somewhere after work or school.

How to wear pink and blue eyeshadow? The first step is to color your brows.

Which of these is the initial step in creating your blue and pink eye makeup style? Color the spaces between your brows. When wearing such vibrant, dramatic eye makeup colors, it’s essential to make sure your brows are just as well defined. After all, you won’t like to see them discolored compared to the makeup of the remaining eye. We didn’t think so!  

To get defined, natural-looking brows, use the L’Oréal brow ink pen. Make sure your brows are clean and well-brushed before applying it. First, begin with the brow’s start, then brush upward and forth to the end of your brow until you reach the appropriate fullness and thickness.  

How to wear pink and blue eyeshadow? Put in eye primer in the second step.

Take a look at your lids and think about how to wear pink and blue eyeshadow? To clarify, apply the eye primer to prepare your eyes for the vibrant eyeshadows you’ll be using. It will aid in the appearance of more vivid colors. If you have no eye primer, you don’t have to worry as concealer or base will do the job.  

How to wear pink and blue eye? Pack your base for the day in the third step

Make use of a flat makeup brush to apply deep blue eye color, such as the L’Oréal eye palette, on the lids of your eyes. It is vital to use the color evenly!  

How to wear pink and blue eye? Develop your crease from the base in step 4

Similarly, in the next step, use a tapered eyeshadow brush to blend a pink hue into the crease of your eye, using a small amount of the L’Oréal Paris eye color to the exterior of the eye crease. That can help to intensify the effect.  

How to wear pink and blue eye? Blend (and repeat) in step 5

In the spirit of mixing, set aside some more time to blending your contrasting colors. You do not want any sharp lines on your face! Make use of a brush for blending and the to and fro motion to get this result.  

Finish perfecting your lids in step 6

We haven’t finished with your makeup just yet! To draw attention to your eyes, apply a bright and light blue hue to the middle of your lids. What’s our pick? The endless sea is the color of the L’Oréal Paris eye shadow. Use a flat brush to apply it thickly. Put the same hue in the inner corner of the room.  

Draw the line between your eyes in step 7

Moreover, It’s impossible to get a vibrant eye makeup style with no liquid liner. Create a fine, precise line down your upper lash line with the L’Oréal Paris liquid eyeliner, with the liquid dip eyeliner.  

Develop your lashes to the maximum extent in step 8

Without similarly dramatic lashes, a strong eye makeup style is impossible to pull off! Don’t think of mascara now, and instead grab for a set of fake eyelashes.    

The final step in completing the blue pink and eye style

If you are thinking about completing your makeup style, certainly, you can use an excellent loreal foundation and a beautiful pink blush. Rosy outlook is better from their true match range for cheeks that need some color but not too much! As for lips, choose between mauve or nude – either looks great with this approach as it will stay true no matter what you decide. Swipe one shade lighter than usual from our favorite product line: L’Oréal Paris liquid lipstick which provides an ultra-glossy shine without feeling sticky whatsoever due to its silicone-based formula  

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What is the best part about this eye makeup look? It’s so easy to do. In conclusion, All you need is a few minutes and some essential tools (like your favorite eyeshadow palette). Take the time to experiment with different colors and combinations, and see what works for you! You never know—you might discover your new signature eye makeup technique that will take over Instagram feeds everywhere. Your only regret could be not trying it sooner. So, tell us: what’s been holding you back from rocking pink-and-blue eyeshadows as we’ve seen on celebrities such as Kim Kardashian West or Rihanna? We hope that now you learn how to wear pink and blue eyeshadow?


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