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What Happened To Dad Who Cut Daughter’s Hair

What Happened To Dad Who Cut Daughter’s Hair-The Real Story

The story about what happened to dad who cut his daughter’s hair begins when the teenage girl name Lily Oberlin. She lives in California USA has her makeover to celebrate her 18 birthday. Lily celebrated her birthday with a blocked hair braid as she always dreams. Lily just an 18 years old high school girl at that time. She wants to make something really impressive to celebrate her birthday.

That really easy to understand and accept. Next, after she comes back from the salon. Her father is a divorced man. Who really not too much really close to her too much tries to convince Lily to change her hairstyle just because he doesn’t like these boho styles. Lily tries to talk to her dad about this hairstyle is really trendy right now. She tries to express her desire for this hairstyle that she dreams for a long time.

 Her dad feels really angry when cannot make her daughter change her mind. Next, the dad forced her to cut their entire hair to become short like a boy. Lily really upset and lost all her confidence and struggle with psychological trauma after a violent force haircut from her dad.

What Happened To The Dad Who Cut His Daughter’s Hair?

After he cut Lily’s hair, his dictator mind thought that he did the right thing to teach Lily a good lesson. But the problem became more dramatic and worst when Lily’s friend post her haircut and her story on Facebook. The story about Lily’s hair received a lot of interaction on social media and become hit the news on many online platforms.

The CNA did an interview and documentary movie about Lily’s story. The News becomes well-known and receives many comments on social media from the adult people who are as a parent at the moment.

There was a lot comment try to send the empathy on Lily story. Those parents really understand the teenage child. They said it really acceptable and easy to understand because Lily just 18 years old and her style has no problem. The block hair Braid really normal and trendy.

Everybody won’t understand why her father violently cut her hair like that. People assume that because he has a dictator mind and tries to control his daughter.

You know what the style is the way for teenagers to express their unique personality. Moreover, it belongs to the privacy rights of everybody.

So What Exactly Happened To Dad Who Cut Daughter’s Hair

 He has to deal with the negative comment on social media to teach him how to become a proper dad. There are a lot of support comments for Lily. It is also a lot of comment teach him how to respect human dignity. Moreover, the lesson is how to understand and respect his daughter’s right to freedom of choice.

Moreover, it is not the last thing that happened to him. After the story became public on the CNA he became a meme on social media for his dictator mind. It’s a great verbal punishment for dictator dad. The humor punishment will teach him about the consequences when imposed upon somebody’s mind.

 His rude behavior also makes him have to deal with a lot of lawsuits from the court. He has to deal with the judge about domestic violence and is irresponsible as a dad. Moreover during the divorce court, due to his rude behavior when cutting his daughter’s hair, the judge decides to cut his right to raise his kid. The thing to him is he has to pay a lot of money for 3 kids every month to support his divorced wife to raise those kids until 18 years old.

His Rude Behavior Also Make Him Broke Up With His Current Mistress.

Because she was afraid that he will control her life as he controls his daughter’s lives. In the documentary movie, his girlfriend told to the interviewer that after knowing about Lily’s story she also thinks about his behavior from the dictator’s mind. That makes her consider and rewind about the past behavior contemporary with their relationship.

It was such a great lesson for the rude dad who cut his daughter’s hair. Many people think that cutting a daughter’s hair is just such a little matter, but when considering the feature of the behavior it’s a criminal manner as a dad. It also made his persona bad among his colleagues and his neighbors.

About His Ex-wife Who Is Lily’s Daughter.

she used to live with this dictator man. She told to the CNA that after knowing her daughter’s story she really angry and want to punish her ex-husband more. Many people think the punishment that the dad receive is too exaggerate and inappropriate with his action. But after a long marriage time with his ex-husband, Lily’s mother thinks that it was unfair for Lily. Because Lily just a teenager and her dad should support her instead of forcing her to cut her hair. Even the relationship between the rude ex-husband is ending but the remaining image about him in his ex-wife is also gone away after his rude behavior to Lily. She wants he has to be punished more for his rude manner in front of the court.

About The Relationship Between Lily And Her Dad.

The relationship used to be quite cold before the story happened because her father lived far away from Lily and did not usually meet each other. Then the relationship became worse. Lily even cannot talk to her dad because the upset and disappointed about her dad’s behavior. The story will become the scar in Lily’s heart. It also the worst thing that happens to the relationship between Lily and her dad. Lily’s dad will need to deal with the trauma from Lily and even they cannot talk to each other thereafter. He cannot have the warm care from Lily due to his dictator, because Lily isn’t the puppet to her dad for play.

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