5 best Hairstyles For Straight Hair Guys-2021 Guide

By | February 15, 2021

Hairstyles For Straight Hair Guys-The Good Info To Know Your Hair

In this article, the information about the popular hairstyles for straight hair guys. Moreover, the information about hair care for straight hair guys. That we will cover in great detail with trusted information from expert-level sources.

What Is A Straight Hair Type?

The common call hair type 1 is known as straight hair type. Its texture originally develops from the cortex’s shape. Too, it has round fibers. So, that makes the hair even drop on every head skin’s side. The protein texture of straight hair can make us know this type of hair. The hair protein texture of this type of hair has happened disulfide bonds that help us professionally understand straight hair.

If you are the guy who has straight hair types. You can easily find out the suitable hairstyles for straight hair guys. Because you are really lucky when you have straight hair type. To the most best hairstyle always suitable for hair type. Moreover, when you have straight hair with a thick texture, that is the ideal hair type for any hairstylist to design the suitable hairstyles for you. Besides, you can follow any most trending men’s fashion hairstyles for straight hair guys.

Hairstyles For Straight Hair Guys
Hairstyles For Straight Hair Guys

The Easy Hair Type

Furthermore, almost any hairstyle will suit this type of hair, from the faux hawk comb-over to the pompadour with any type of slick back texture hairstyle. You don’t need to worry about any problem with your hair, such as get curly, get wavy, get frizzy. Because the straight hairstyle really needs minimal upkeep and easy to maintain the hair quality.

We live in 2021, the popular lifestyle for every single man in the world is fast. They busy with their work, so make they don’t have enough time to take care and style their hair. But everyman always need to look tidy and good in front of their partners. If you are straight hair guys, that is the greatest thing that you have to deal with a busy lifestyle. Because you just need a few styling products, and a good haircut will make you keep your grooming in just a few minutes.

 So let’s get started with easy and best hairstyles for straight hair guys!

The Undercut Hairstyle For Straight Hairstyles

This hairstyle for straight hair guys has the feature that contrasts the side with the top of the hair. Moreover, with this type of style, you can choose any length from medium to short. The side and the back are always short, while the top is always left long. Too, the huge difference between the side and the top is the unique feature of this hairstyle.

Undercut Hairstyle

Recently the Undercut is the popular hairstyle for men. Furthermore, the undercut hair popular because of its one-of-kind distinction between longer hair on the top and the shaved side. The interesting thing about the origin of this hairstyle is its culture from the poverty and crimination times. As we know within the labor-class from the beginning of the 20th century. Because they cannot pay for a good barber to get a tapered Fade hairstyle. So, the side of their head is always buzzed short.

Besides, you only need to care about your top hair because it long and needs to keep in good quality. The back and sides need less hair care because it short. In the part of this, this hair sort is convenient for summer weather. You will feel comfortable with hot weather with shaved sides and back. In summer, you can keep your long top hair without worry about high heat.

Long And Straight Hairstyles For Straight Hair Guys

Long And Straight Hairstyles
Long And Straight Hairstyles

The long hairstyle is always the best choice for straight hair type guys. You can have center-parted hair, skater-style, even Viking braided lock hairstyle with long hair sort. If you have a thick hair texture, you will look good when you keep long hairstyles. Moreover, it really easy to maintain your hair looking. You just need to use a shampoo and conditioner that are sulfate-free. Too, meet your barber for trim regularly.

Fringe Hairstyles For Straight Hair Guys

Fringe Hairstyles
Fringe Hairstyles

The fringes are always looking good on every hair type. About natured straight hair, you can have the greatest hairstyle. This hairstyle is low-maintenance needs, it just need a few product or effort to keep tidy. You can keep your fringes long on your forehead, even long reach your brow. In this part of it, you just need to let the barber style your rest of the hair. If you want to keep your hair look more texture, you can use pomade or salt spray.

Quiff Hairstyles For Straight Hair Guys

Quiff Hairstyles

The never gone out of fashion modern quiff hairstyle that will never need any difficult hair care. This Quiff hairstyle will give you a versatile look. That works with any age group and any occasion. Moreover, if you want to keep your hair structure fine or thin hair texture. You can use some hair products such as clay, wax, and sea salt spray to form the quiff.

Side Part Hairstyles For Straight Hair Guys

Side Part Hairstyles
Side Part Hairstyles

This elegant and saving Side Part hairstyle always needs anyone who wants to look cool, like Mad Men ’60 cool. This Side Part hairstyle suit with any face shape because this hairstyle is a really versatile style. If you have rectangle face shape, triangle, and long face shape, this Side Part hairstyle is always the best choice for you.

It also easy to style. All you need is just to comb from your hair parting. The common problem with this hairstyle is part the wrong side of hair. So if you low hair volume or your hair won’t stand in place. You just need the support from the hair product to part it on the other side.


We hope you find the good information to help you find a suitable hairstyle. The information about Hairstyles for straight hair guys from this article that you can trust to follow. Moreover, the hair care for your straight hair is also important for keeping your grooming and healthy.

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