What Is Italian Hair Type?-All you need to know latest

By | February 11, 2021

What Is Italian Hair Type?-Know Your Hair Type

In the world, there are millions of hair types. The diversity of hair types from the different factors. That is geographical, the environment, and the gene’s background. Every hair type has its own way to become beautiful. The Italian hair type also has its own way to shine. In this article, we will help you with the main features of this type of hair. We will answer your questions about this type of hair. You will know do you have an Italian hair type or not. Moreover, this article also covers information about hair care for Italian hair types. So, let’s get started!

Italian Hair Type
Italian hair type

What Is Italian Hair Type?

Italians, in general, have brown hair. There are many Italian people who have brown hair. This type of hair is the most popular kind within the Italian community. Moreover, in the past, the Italian people had one-of-a-kind attractive hair features. Also, the ancient Italian people had amazing hair colors. That really different from the common hair worldwide. The northern Italian peoples are close to Europeans mixed. It makes them have both brown and blonde hair. However, the popular in this type of hair is still brown hair.

The Southern Italian people have a long history in the closing mix with many different genes worldwide. Those mix-race genes come from North Africa, Norman, Arabic, Ottoman, and Greek. So, the sort of Southern Italian people has many different types of textures and colors.  Many Southern Italian hair types, such as black hair, dark brown hair, and red hair. Many multi-culture families in Italia. It makes Italian hair types more different in texture, color, and features. Also in this part, for the exam the popular mix-race family in Italian is Italian-Europe. The family has mothers from Sicily and Calabria. The father from Greek has Turkish and Jewish genes. So, it makes there are many Italian hair class has the admirable trait including amazing features. Those great decent features are dark brown hair with a high moisture level and strong hair texture.

Diversity In Italian Hair Type

There are different hair textures in this type of hair. The Italian people can have wavy hair or straight hair. An unpopular Italian hair sort texture is curly hair. Besides, there are much more different this sort within the Italian community. Many feel confused when processing your sort your hair sort. Because there are a few popular sorts, such as wavy brown hair. That dominates in the Italian community. But this type of hair really diverse in every single section of hair, such as texture and color. It means that brown hair is an Italian hair class. But there are also many different Italian hair types. That is mean your hair maybe is one of the Italian hair types.  Furthermore, Some unpopular sort feature such as African coiled curls is still a part of the Italian hair sort. There are some Italian mix-race people from African-Italian have unpopular sort is coiled curls.

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Northern Italian Hair Type

As we mentioned above about the diversity in Italian hair types in Northern Italian. In the past, the Northern was a crossroads for international trading and immigration for thousands of years. That makes people from Northen Italian have many different mixed features. The unpopular Italian hair type is red hair, but there is still some red sort. The special mix-race in the region, such as the countryside Emilia-Romagna, is the unpopular Gaul race when pre-Roman times. This place has the most typical popular Italian hair sort, is definitely dark and curly or dark and wavy hair. Also, there are many other hair types in this region as well. Besides, there are many differences in this type of hair in this region. Those popular Italian hair types such as curly hair, blonde hair, and frizzy hair.

In addition within the Italian community, curly hair is popular find in Caucasoids people. Moreover, suppose you want to find the western trait of Italian hair type. In that case, it is because Italian within Europe and far toward from east Asia, so those Western features on hair will down based on the geography.  Curly hair in Caucasoids is a western trait that decreases as you move east toward Asia.  The European community has a popular hair type that is slightly wavy or straight hair. But in Italian, curly hair is the common sort, same as common in western Ireland and in Wales.

How to take care of your Italian Hair Type?

The typically common problem in this type of hair is greasy, oily, and high in porosity. So, it makes Italian hair type people always struggle with striking hair and the itchy scalp. Moreover, the high in natural hair and high porosity lead the sort to struggle with dandruff and dirty head skin. So, what is the best way to help this type of hair with those issues? Firstly you need to protect your Italian hair type from bacteria and dandruff by using anti-dandruff shampoo. For the high oily and porosity problem, you can use the low in moistured level with a water base and herbal ingredients. Those natural factors will make your hair not too dry for breakage and keep your hair moisture level in balance. Moreover, the natural ingredient also a great medicine to avoid itchy scalp and unhealthy head skin.

Italian Hair Type
Italian Hair Type


The information we provide above is from the long journey of research from trusted information sources by expertise.  We hope you get the useful information you need to understand your hair and know how to take care of your Italian hair type. All you need is just read this article and be at ease with anything you read, and follow this. We hope you have beautiful hair after following our article.

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