What is 4c hair type? How to know your hair is 4c type

By | February 9, 2021

What is 4c hair type?-Best information and guideline

In the world, there are many different hair types. Depending on race and gender, the hair type will be different in colors, structures, and features from Asia to Africa. Next, the 4c hair type is the popular hair type in black hair from those races like American and African, depending on the race and the habit of taking care of hair. Moreover, based on different opinions about the ways to find out the correct information about the 4c hair type chart. So, we will go deep into the details about it.

4c hair type chart
4c hair type chart

What Is 4c Hair Type?

Basically, it  is always coily and super wavy. Moreover, this hair type is always in people has the race from American or African. When comparing it with another hair, the 4c hair texture is almost the same as the 4B hair type. But in the details, the 4c texture is harder in coiled strands. And easy to breakage more than 4B. Moreover, it has a hidden zig-zag structure difficult to see in my usual eyes. Furthermore, it has retractable and more tight than usual hair- over 75 percent of 4c hair texture is affected by retractive.

Commonly, if you have the density same as 4B hair type. But your hair has less retractive level and less quality level, so you have this type of hair. When we compare this type of hair with the 4s hair range type, it has more tight wavy. Moreover, we can arrange it is in the 4s hair types from very soft and fine to wiry and coarse.

Moreover, this type of hair is really dedicated. So, you should use a moisture hair product to help the hair always healthy.

The 4C Hair Type Chart-How To Know Your Hair Is 4c Type?

If you have those types of features that we will mention below. So, you should consider your hair as 4C hair types. Firstly your hair is always dry and low in moisture because it has a sponge texture. So, you will feel wiry in your hair because naturally, it is always dry from extremely dry to hard dry and soft dry. Also, there are many small curls and tightly strand forms. Moreover, the curl always forms tight with head skin, and it is easy to shrinkage. 

This type of hair is the most breakage hair type when it compares with common hair. Moreover, Its feature is no real wavy texture. Also, the 4C hair always coarse nature and wiry. If you want to show the length of the hair when you have a this type of hair. You need to use stretches methods to show your hair length.

If your hair allows you to change your hairstyle. Following you, always change your hairstyle from super wavy to normal wavy, spirals form to wavy curly. So, your hair is 4C hair types. Because it is popular and known as versatile hair. It allows you to change any hairstyle if you desire.

Usually, you will see people who have this type of hair stretched because they try to avoid tangling hair. As we mentioned above, it has over 70 percent retractive. So the 4C hair always tangles. Following, if you always struggle with tangled hair. Moreover, you always face falling hair and a single strand knot. So you have this type of hair.

Everybody Has Their Own Way Of Taking Care And Knowing Their Types.

To find out your hair type, you should base it on your own mind, because people find their hair in their own thinking. Following, the differences in genes and the difference in the ways hormones affect everybody’s hair. It’s lead everybody’s 4C hair type feature has many different types. Moreover, the lifestyle and stressful factors also make the 4C hairstyle different from everybody. Besides, the 4C hair does not always have a high density and thick layer. Also, the 4C hair is not always low in porosity. You can find out when your hair is this type of hair or not based on many different factors and your own knowledge.

How To Take Care Of A  4c Hair Type?

It is always struggling with dryness and shrinkage. So keeping the moisture level and avoiding breakage is the most important part of 4C hair haircare. You should use natural moisture sources such as palm oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter to keep moisture for your 4C hair.

Take care 4C hair
Take care 4C hair

People who have this type of hair always think they cannot keep their hair long. That is completely wrong. Many people that we know have long 4C hair, even 30 inches long. So if you have 4C, you can let yourself grow naturally. Please don’t keep it short. So you just need to take care of breakage tangle and moisture level.


We hope you find the information that you need in this article. The information in this article has come from a trusted research and honesty source. To find out the correct hair type, you should understand your hair first. Then you follow the information from this article to decide that your hair is 4C hair or not. As we mention, everyone has a different method of taking care of hair and different hair background. So the information from another person about 4C hair type should be the reference as your knowledge. You should not use it as completely correct to know your hair. The proper way to take care of 4C hair is to keep the moisture level always proper.

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